[Nu Green Tea]Nü Green Tea[Nu Green Tea]

Whoa whoa whoa. Since when does Majolelo start advertising? Don't get me wrong. This is a non-profit advertisement. I do not collect money for this nor do I get paid. It's just that I find it hard, well, not that hard, to find this delicious green tea. This specific brand. And I am encouraging you all to drink this as well.

Many major brands with lots of money advertise on the TV, on the radio and on newspaper. I've tasted them all. My conclusion: this brand and this specific taste is the one that appeals most to me.

I just can't resist the taste of the good aroma of green tea when it passes through my throat. I even forgot to drink water for this is like substitution of it. I usually go fasting twice a week and this is what I drink in my breakfast. It helps me to keep on going fasting. It tastes better when serves cold.

This brand comes in three tastes: Original, Less Sugar and Honey. The one I'm advertising here is -can you guess?- the Original.

So, when you are in thirst and need to drink something cool, something refreshing, something tasty, something that smells and looks good, drink Nü Green Tea: Original. You'll feel much better. I know I do.[Nu Green Tea]